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Central Excise

 Central Excise Rules, 2002

Provisions Title
Short title, extent and commencement
Appointment and jurisdiction of Central Excise Officers
Duty payable on removal
Date for determination of duty and tariff valuation
Assessment of duty
Provisional assessment
Manner of payment
Manner of payment in respect of speci­fied goods on which excise duty has been imposed with effect from 1st March, 2002
Daily stock account
Goods to be removed on invoice
Filing of return
Filling of return in respect of specified goods on which excise duty has been imposed on and from th
Job work in article of jewellery
Procedure and facilities for large taxpayer Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the following procedure shall apply to a large taxpayer,-
Power to impose restrictions in certain types of cases.
Application of the rules
Special procedure for payment of duty
Credit of duty on goods brought to the factory
Removal of goods for job work, etc
Special procedure for removal of semi-finished goods for certain purposes
Special procedure for removal of excisable goods for carrying out tests.
Removal of goods by a Hundred per cent. Export-Oriented undertaking for Domestic Tariff Area
Rebate of duty
Export without payment of duty
Warehousing provisions
Remission of duty
Access to a registered premises
Power to stop and search
Power to detain or seize goods
Return of records
Confiscation and penalty
Penalty for certain offences
General penalty
Confiscated property to vest in Central Government
Disposal of confiscated goods
Storage charges in respect of goods confiscated and redeemed
Power to issue supplementary instructions
Transitional provision
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