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Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006

No. Title
Short title and commencement
Proposal for setting up of Special Economic Zone.-
Forwarding of proposal to Board
Requirements for establishment of a Special Economic Zone
Infrastructure requirements relating to information technology
Letter of Approval to the Developer
Details to be furnished for issue of notification for declaration of an area as Special Economic Zone
Notification of Special Economic Zone
Grant of Approval for Authorized Operations.-
Permission for procurement of items
Processing and non-processing area
Bifurcation of non-processing area
Import and procurement of goods by the Developer
A Developer may export or transfer capital goods and spares including construction equipment
Procedure applicable on import or procurement of goods and services, their admission, and clearance of goods.
Transfer of Letter of Approval of Developer
Proposal for approval of Unit
Consideration of proposals for setting up of Unit in a Special Economic Zone
Letter of Approval to a Unit
Administrative Control of Special Economic Zones
Offshore Banking Unit.
Terms and conditions for availing exemptions, drawbacks and concessions to every Developer and entrepreneur for authorized operations.-
Supply from DTA
The procedure for grant of drawback claims and Duty Entitlement Pass Book credit to a Developer or Unit
Consequences of non utilization of goods or services
General Conditions of Import and Export.-
Import and Procurement.
Import of Goods
Procedure for Import
Procedure for procurements from the Domestic Tariff Area
Exemption from service tax
Exemption from Central Sales Tax
Admission of goods
Utilization of goods
Co-relation of import consignment with corresponding export consignment.-
Filing of documents for admission and removal
Duration of goods or services in a Special Economic Zone
Transfer of ownership and removal of goods
Destruction of goods
Movement of goods to and from non-processing area.-
Procedure for sub-contracting in Domestic Tariff Area or in a Unit in other Special Economic Zones or in Export Oriented Unit or in Electronic Hardware Technology Park unit or in Software Tech........
Sub-contracting for Domestic Tariff Area unit for export
Contract Farming
Procedure for Export
Sales in Domestic Tariff Area
Procedure for Sale in Domestic Tariff Area.-
Domestic Tariff Area removals - abatement of duties in certain cases
Temporary Removals to Domestic Tariff Area
Procedure for temporary removals in Domestic Tariff Area.-
Other Entitlements
Net Foreign Exchange Earnings
Monitoring of performance
Form of Appeal
Time within which appeal is to be preferred
Payment of fees
Contents of appeal
What to accompany form
Filing of affidavits
Rights of Appellant to appear before the Board
Authorisation to be filed
Procedure for filing appeal
Furnishing of information and documents
Date and place of hearing of appeal to be communicated.-
Hearing of appeal
Orders by the Board
Order to be signed and dated
Order to be communicated to the party
Identity Cards
Foreign Exchange Remittances.-
Revival of sick units
Specified Officer
Exit of Units
Transfer of Assets by Special Economic Zone Units upon their exit.
Self Declaration
The “services” for the purposes of sub-clause (z) of section 2 shall be the following, namely
Procedure for withdrawal or cancellation of exemptions, concessions, drawbacks or any other benefits to a Unit
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