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CBEC's Customs Manual 2023


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Chapters / List

  1. Warehousing
  2. Legal provisions
  3. Appointment of Public Warehouses
  4. Appointment of Private Warehouses
  5. Appointment of Special Warehouses
  6. Cancellation of Licence
  7. Warehousing Bond
  8. Permission for removal of goods for deposit in warehouse
  9. Period for which goods may remain warehoused
  10. Extension of warehousing period
  11. Interest for storage beyond permissible period
  12. Waiver of interest
  13. Owner's right to deal with warehoused goods
  14. Transfer of goods from one warehouse to another
  15. Clearance of warehoused goods for home consumption
  16. Clearance of warehoused goods for Export
  17. Allowance in case of volatile warehoused goods
  18. Maintenance of records in relation to warehoused goods
  19. Recovery of duty from bonded warehouses
  20. Cancellation and return of warehousing bond
  21. Custody and removal of warehoused goods
  22. Manufacture and other operations in relation to goods in a warehouse:
  23. Manufacture and Other Operations in Special Warehouse (section 58A warehouse)