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Import and Export through Courier
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CBEC's Customs Manual 2023

Import and Export through Courier

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Chapters / List

  1. Import and Export through Courier
  2. Categories of goods allowed import through courier
  3. Categories of goods allowed export through courier
  4. Import and export of gems and jewellery
  5. Procedure for clearance of import goods
  6. Procedural formalities for clearance of export goods
  7. Examination norms for goods imported or exported by courier
  8. Transshipment of goods
  9. Disposal of uncleared goods
  10. Registration of Authorised Courier
  11. Obligation of Authorised Courier
  12. Outsourcing/Sub-letting
  13. De-registration and forfeiture of security
  14. Courier electronic clearance procedure
  15. KYC and other facilitations
  16. To reduce the compliance burden for citizens and business activities
  17. E-Commerce Procedure for Jewellery Re-Import