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Import and Export through Post
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CBEC's Customs Manual 2023

Import and Export through Post

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Chapters / List

  1. Import and Export through Post
  2. Legal Provisions
  3. Clearance of Letter Mail Articles
  4. Importability of dutiable items through post
  5. Import of gifts through post
  6. Import of samples through post:
  7. Import of Indian and Foreign Currencies by Post:
  8. Procedure in case of postal imports
  9. Legal provisions and exemptions in case of postal exports
  10. Procedure in case of postal exports:
  11. Procedure for claiming Drawback on exports through post
  12. Drawback in respect of goods re-exported through post
  13. Export of postal goods under Reward Schemes under Foreign Trade Policy
  14. Re-export of partial consignment not allowed
  15. Procedure for e-commerce exports through Post