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Income Tax

No. S.O.2619 - Dated: 9-6-1982 - IT

Notifies Sir Homi Mehta Charity Trust u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. 451(E) - Dated: 8-6-1982 - IT

Agreement between the Govt. of the Republic of India and the Govt. of the United Republic of Tanzania for the avoidance of double taxation: Corrigendam

No. S.O.2813 - Dated: 5-6-1982 - IT

Approved Institution Dr. Patani Scientific and Industrial Research, Bombay u/s 35(1)(ii)

No. S.O.2618 - Dated: 5-6-1982 - IT

Notifies India Islamic Cultural Centre (Regd.) u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.2617 - Dated: 2-6-1982 - IT

Notifies Sri Amareswaraswami Temple, Amravathi u/s 10(23C)(v)

No. S.O.2616 - Dated: 2-6-1982 - IT

Notifies The Ahmedabad Textile Mills Foundation u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.2615 - Dated: 2-6-1982 - IT

Notifies Gangajali Fund Trust u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.2614 - Dated: 25-5-1982 - IT

Notifies Children's Little Theatre u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.2613 - Dated: 25-5-1982 - IT

Notifies Sri Vyasaraja Mutt u/s 10(23C)(v)

No. S.O.2812 - Dated: 24-5-1982 - IT

Approved Institution Pune Hospital and Research Centre of the Rajasthani and Gujarathi Charitable Foundation, Pune u/s 35(1)(ii)

No. S.O.2811 - Dated: 22-5-1982 - IT

Approved Institution Bangalore University, Bangalore u/s 35(1)(ii)

No. S.O.2612 - Dated: 22-5-1982 - IT

Notifies Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.2611 - Dated: 22-5-1982 - IT

Notifies Drought Prone Area Programme Agency, Ahmedabad u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.412(E) - Dated: 21-5-1982 - IT

Notifies Cheshire Homes India u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.4737 - Dated: 19-5-1982 - IT

Approved Institution The Poona District Leprosy Committee, Pune u/s 35(1)(ii)

No. S.O.411(E) - Dated: 19-5-1982 - IT

Notifies The Indo-Arab Society u/s 10(23C)(iv)

No. S.O.2228 - Dated: 19-5-1982 - IT

Notifies Sundaram Charities u/s 10(23C)(v)

No. S.O.4106 - Dated: 18-5-1982 - IT

Approved Institution Dabur Research Foundation, New Delhi u/s 35(1)(ii)

No. S.O.2867 - Dated: 18-5-1982 - IT

Approved Institution The Vanaspati Manufactures' Association of India, Bombay u/s 35(1)(ii)

No. S.O.410(E) - Dated: 15-5-1982 - IT

Notifies Sir Cusrow Wadia Trust Fund u/s 10(23C)(iv)



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