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Home Acts & Rules Companies Law Old_Provisions Companies Act, 1956 Chapter II = INCORPORATION OF COMPANY AND MATTERS INCIDENTAL THERETO Chapters List This


Chapter: II
Section 11 : Prohibition of associations and partnerships exceeding certain number.
Section 12 : Mode of forming incorporated company.
Section 13 : Requirements with respect to memorandum.
Section 14 : Form of memorandum.
Section 15 : Printing and signature of memorandum.
Section 15A : Special provision as to alteration of memorandum consequent on alteration of name of State of Madras.
Section 15B : Special provision as to alteration of memorandum consequent on alteration of name of State of Mysore.
Section 16 : Alteration of memorandum.
Section 17 : Special resolution and confirmation by Central Government required for alteration of memorandum.
Section 17A : Change of registered office within a State.
Section 18 : Alteration to be registered within three months.
Section 19 : Effect of failure to register.
Section 20 : Companies not to be registered with undesirable names
Section 21 : Change of name by company
Section 22 : Rectification of name of company.
Section 23 : Registration of change of name and effect thereof.
Section 24 : Change of name of existing private limited companies.
Section 25 : Power to dispense with "Limited" in name of charitable or other company.
Section 26 : Articles prescribing regulations.
Section 27 : Regulations required in case of unlimited company, company limited by guarantee or private company limited by shares.
Section 28 : Adoption and application of Table A in the case of companies limited by shares.
Section 29 : Form of articles in the case of other companies.
Section 30 : Form and signature of articles.
Section 31 : Alteration of articles by special resolution.
Section 32 : Registration of unlimited company as limited, etc.
Section 33 : Registration of memorandum and articles.
Section 34 : Effect of registration.
Section 35 : Conclusiveness of certificate of incorporation.
Section 36 : Effect of memorandum and articles.
Section 37 : Provision as to companies limited by guarantee.
Section 38 : Effect of alteration in memorandum or articles.
Section 39 : Copies of memorandum and articles, etc., to be given to members.
Section 40 : Alteration of memorandum or articles, etc., to be noted in every copy.
Section 41 : Definition of "member".
Section 42 : Membership of holding company.
Section 43 : Consequences of default in complying with conditions constituting a company a private company.
Section 43A : Private company to become public company in certain cases.
Section 44 : Prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus to be filed by private company on ceasing to be private company.
Section 45 : Members severally liable for debts where business carried on with fewer than seven, or in the case of a private company, two members.
Section 46 : Form of contracts.
Section 47 : Bills of exchange and promissory notes.
Section 48 : Execution of deeds.
Section 49 : Investments of company to be held in its own name.
Section 50 : Power for company to have official seal for use outside India.
Section 51 : Service of documents on company.
Section 52 : Service of documents on Registrar.
Section 53 : Service of documents on members by company.
Section 54 : Authentication of documents and proceedings.

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