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Home Acts & Rules Companies Law Old_Provisions Companies Act, 1956 Chapter IV = SHARE CAPITAL AND DEBENTURES Chapters List This


Chapter: IV
Section 82 : Nature of shares or debentures.
Section 83 : Numbering of shares.
Section 84 : Certificate of shares.
Section 85 : Two kinds of share capital.
Section 86 : New issues of share capital to be only of two kinds.
Section 87 : Voting rights.
Section 88 : Prohibition of issue of shares with disproportionate rights.
Section 89 : Termination of disproportionately excessive voting rights in existing companies.
Section 90 : Savings.
Section 91 : Calls on shares of same class to be made on uniform basis.
Section 92 : Power of company to accept unpaid share capital, although not called-up.
Section 93 : Payment of dividend in proportion to amount paid-up.
Section 94 : Power of limited company to alter its share capital.
Section 94A : Share capital to stand increased where an order is made under section 81(4).
Section 95 : Notice to Registrar of consolidation of share capital, conversion of shares into stock, etc.
Section 96 : Effect of conversion of shares into stock.
Section 97 : Notice of increase of share capital or of members.
Section 98 : Power of unlimited company to provide for reserve share capital on re-registration.
Section 99 : Reserve liability of limited company.
Section 100 : Special resolution for reduction of share capital.
Section 101 : Application to Tribunal for confirming order, objections by creditors, and settlement of list of objecting creditors.
Section 102 : Order confirming reduction and powers of Tribunal on making such order.
Section 103 : Registration of order and minute of reduction.
Section 104 : Liability of members in respect of reduced shares.
Section 105 : Penalty for concealing name of creditor, etc.
Section 106 : Alteration of rights of holders of special classes of shares.
Section 107 : Rights of dissentient shareholders.
Section 108 : Transfer not to be registered except on production of instrument of transfer.
Section 108A : Restriction on acquisition of certain shares.
Section 108B : Restriction on transfer of shares.
Section 108C : Restriction on the transfer of shares of foreign companies.
Section 108D : Power of Central Government to direct companies not to give effect to the transfer.
Section 108E : Time within which refusal to be communicated.
Section 108F : Nothing in sections 108A to 108D to apply to Government companies, etc.
Section 108G : Applicability of the provisions of sections 108A to 108F.
Section 108H : Construction of certain expressions used in sections 108A to 108G.
Section 108I : Penalty for acquisition or transfer of share in contravention of sections 108A to 108D.
Section 109 : Transfer by legal representative.
Section 109A : Nomination of shares
Section 109B : Transmission of shares.
Section 110 : Application for transfer.
Section 111 : Power to refuse registration and appeal against refusal.
Section 111A : Rectification of register on transfer.
Section 112 : Certification of transfers.
Section 113 : Limitation of time for issue of certificate.
Section 114 : Issue and effect of share warrants to bearer.
Section 115 : Share warrants and entries in register of members.
Section 116 : Penalty for personation of shareholder.
Section 117 : Debentures with voting rights not to be issued hereafter.
Section 117A : Debenture trust deed.
Section 117B : Appointment of debenture trustees and duties of debenture trustees.
Section 117C : Liability of company to create security and debenture redemption reserve.
Section 118 : Right to obtain copies of and inspect trust deed.
Section 119 : Liability of trustees for debenture holders.
Section 120 : Perpetual debentures.
Section 121 : Power to re-issue redeemed debentures in certain cases.
Section 122 : Specific performance of contract to subscribe for debentures.
Section 123 : Payments of certain debts out of assets subject to floating charge in priority to claims under the charge.

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