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Central Excise
Home Acts & Rules Central Excise Rules Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1982 This

Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1982

Rule 1 : Short title and commencement.
Rule 2 : Definitions.
Rule 3 : Sittings of Bench.
Rule 4 : Powers of Bench
Rule 5 : Language of the Tribunal.
Rule 6 : Procedure for filing appeals.
Rule 6A : The number of appeals to be filed.
Rule 7 : Date of presentation of appeals.
Rule 8 : Contents of a memorandum of appeal.
Rule 9 : What to accompany memorandum of appeal?
Rule 10 : Grounds which may be taken in appeal.
Rule 11 : Rejection or amendment of memorandum of appeal.
Rule 12 : Who may be joined as respondents
Rule 13 : Document authorising representative to be attached to the memorandum of appeal.
Rule 14 : Filing of authorisation at a later stage.
Rule 15 : Filling of memorandum of cross-objections, applications or replies to appeals/applications.
Rule 15A : Reply to appeal.
Rule 16 : Preparation of paper book.
Rule 17 : Endorsing copies to the party.
Rule 18 : Date and place of hearing to be notified.
Rule 19 : Hearing of appeal.
Rule 20 : Action on appeal for appellant’s default.
Rule 21 : Hearing of appeals ex parte.
Rule 22 : Continuance of proceedings after death or adjudication as an insolvent of a party to the appeal or application
Rule 23 : Production of additional evidence.
Rule 24 : Adjournment of appeal.
Rule 25 : Proceedings to be open to public.
Rule 26 : Order to be signed and dated
Rule 27 : Publication of orders
Rule 28A : Procedure for filing and disposal of stay petitions.
Rule 28B : Change of authorised representative.
Rule 28C : Procedure for filing of and disposal of Miscellaneous Application.
Rule 29 : Reference to High Court.
Rule 30 : Reference to Supreme Court in case of conflict in decisions of High Courts.
Rule 31 : Same Bench to hear the reference applications.
Rule 31A : Same Bench to hear applications for rectification of mis takes.
Rule 32 : Submission of reply to reference application.
Rule 33 : Contents of reply.
Rule 34 : Statement of case.
Rule 35 : Communication of orders to parties.
Rule 36 : Same Bench to deal with requisition from High Court or Supreme Court.
Rule 37 : Receipt of judgment of the High Court or Supreme Court.
Rule 38 : Copying fees.
Rule 39 : No fees for inspection of records.
Rule 40 : Control over departmental authorities in certain matters.
Rule 41 : Orders and directions in certain cases.
Rule 42 : Working hours of offices of the Tribunal.
Rule 43 : Sittings of the Tribunal.
Rule 44 : Officers of the Tribunal and their functions.
Rule 45 : Additional powers and duties of the Registrar.
Rule 46 : Seal and Emblem.
Rule 47 : Dress for the Members.
Rule 48 : Dress for the parties.
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