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Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976

Chapter: I
Section 1 : Short title, extent, application and commencement
Section 2 : Definitions
Section 3 : Application of other laws not barred
Chapter: II
Section 4 : Candidate for election, etc., not to accept foreign contribution
Section 5 : Organisation of a political nature not to accept foreign contribution except with the prior permission of the Central Government
Section 6 : Certain associations and persons receiving foreign contribution to give intimation to the Central Government
Section 7 : Recipients of scholarships, etc., to give intimation to the Central Government
Section 8 : Persons to whom section 4 shall not apply.- Nothing contained in section 4 shall apply to the acceptance, by any person specified in that section, of any foreign contribution, where such contribution
Section 9 : Restrictions on acceptance of foreign hospitality
Section 10 : Power of Central Government to prohibit receipt of foreign contribution, etc., in certain cases
Section 11 : Application to be made in prescribed form for obtaining prior permission to accept foreign contribution or hospitality
Chapter: III
Section 12 : Power to prohibit payment of currency received in contravention of the Act
Section 13 : Recipients of foreign contribution to maintain accounts, etc
Section 14 : Inspection of accounts or records
Section 15 : Seizure of accounts or records
Section 15A : Audit of accounts
Section 16 : Seizure of article or currency received in contravention of the Act
Section 17 : Seizure to be made in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
Section 18 : Confiscation of article or currency obtained in contravention of the Act
Section 19 : Adjudication of confiscation
Section 20 : Opportunity to be given before adjudication of confiscation
Section 21 : Appeal
Section 22 : Penalty for article or currency obtained in contravention of section 12
Section 23 : Punishment for the contravention of any provision of the Act
Section 24 : Power to impose additional fine where article or currency is not available for confiscation
Section 25 : Penalty for offences where no separate punishment has been provided
Section 25A : Prohibition of acceptance of foreign contribution
Section 26 : Offences by companies
Section 27 : Bar to the prosecution of offences under the Act
Section 28 : Investigation into cases under the Act
Section 29 : Protection of action taken in good faith
Section 30 : Power to make rules
Section 31 : Power to exempt
Section 32 : Act not to apply to Government transactions
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