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Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Board’s powers ‑ Restriction on - Whether purchase of machinery on deferred payment is covered by clause (d) of sub‑section (1) and sub‑section (5) of the section

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Intimation regarding change in membership of shareholding company under sub‑section (7)

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Register of members - Rectification of ‑ Wrong allotment of shares ‑ Whether it is possible to rectify register without recourse to court

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Whether place of manufacture can be deemed to be branch office for purposes of carrying out audit

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Whether requirement of giving notice to shareholders regarding candidature for directorship of a person other than retiring director applies to private companies also

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Whether statutory auditor is to refer to branch audit only when branch accounts are audited by a person other than himself

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Annual return ‑ Delay in filing annual return ‑ Payment of additional fees

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Managing/Whole-time directors ‑ Managing director, as a director, retires and re‑elected ‑ Whether Government approval necessary

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Board’s powers ‑ Restrictions on ‑ When does clause (d) apply to temporary loans

Letter : No. 10(1)‑CL‑VI/61, - 27-4-1961

Whether copy of branch audit report could be sent to board of directors simultaneously with direct transmission of original branch audit report to statutory auditor

Letter: No. 8/16(1)/61 ‑PR, - 25-2-1961

Whether separate filing fee is required for profit and loss account and whether only members are to be permitted to inspect profit and loss account

Letter : No. 8/16(159)/61‑PR, - 25-2-1961

Whether the section requires a company that has filed return as on latest date on or before which meeting should have been held but has not been held, to file second return when annual general meeting has been held

Letter : No. 8/2‑CL‑VI/61, - 23-2-1961

Inter‑corporate investments ‑ In excess of limits ‑ When trading companies can be treated as investment companies

Letter : No. 8/11/43A/61-PR - 25-1-1961

Whether Government approval necessary in the case of managing/whole‑time director of private company before its conversion into public company

Letter : No. F. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 23-1-1961

Deemed Public Company ‑ Effect of deemed conversion on managing director’s appointment, remuneration, etc.

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 23-1-1961

Office or place of profit - Prohibition against director holding ‑ Employee appointed before director becomes director and he became relative afterwards

Letter: No. 2/18/60-PR, - 27-10-1960

Registers - Proper maintenance of registers by companies

Letter : No. 8/50(135)/60‑PR, - 12-8-1960

Charges - Modification of ‑ Whether transfer or assignment of rights by charge‑holder amounts to modification

No. 8/6(125)/60‑PR, - 7-7-1960

Charges - Registration of ‑ Whether Registrar can register a charge which is pledged on movable property

Letter : No. 42 (226)‑CL‑II/60, - 21-6-1960

Declaration of solvency ‑ Registrars directed to check up resolutions for voluntary winding up as soon as they are filed and give advice in case resolution is found to be defective


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