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Clause 45 - Amendment of section 92BA. - FINANCE BILL, 2023

Chapter III
DIRECT TAXES - Income-tax
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Amendment of section 92BA.

45. In section 92BA of the Income-tax Act, after clause (va), the following clause shall be inserted with effect from the 1st day of April, 2024, namely:––

“(vb) any business transacted between the assessee and other person as referred to in sub-section (4) of section 115BAE”.



Notes on Clauses:

Clause 45 of the Bill seeks to amend section 92BA of the Income-tax Act relating to meaning of ‘specified domestic transaction’.

It is proposed to insert a new clause (vb) to the said section to include the transaction between the cooperative society and the other person with close connection within the meaning of ‘specified domestic transaction’. This is consequential to the insertion of new section 115BAE.

This amendment will take effect from 1st April, 2024 and will, accordingly, apply in relation to the assessment year 2024-2025 and subsequent assessment years.