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Budget suggestions from public to GOI. Part II

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Budget suggestions from public to GOI. Part II
January 25, 2022
All Articles by: DEV KUMAR KOTHARI       View Profile
  • Contents

Budget suggestions from public on  - study of some of suggestions put forth by general public.

Suggestions invited:


Suggestions were  invited from 17.12.2021 and closed on 07.01.2022.

The page mentions interalia the following

The Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance invites suggestions from citizens every year, to make the Budget-making process participative and inclusive.

The Ministry looks forward to your ideas and suggestions for the Union Budget 2022-2023, Please share your ideas and suggestions that can help transform India into a global economic powerhouse with inclusive growth.

The Ministry of Finance and MyGov looks forward to your valuable suggestions.

Participate in good governance. Be heard.

The last date for submissions is 7th January 2022.

Showing 3124 Submission(s)

Some selected suggestions in part II:

Suggestions for senior citizens are given for improvement of their earnings, pension, medical benefits  and housing for homeless people.

Post retirement benefits, and social securities for people engaged in unorganized sectors, self employed people.

 More protection of deposits in banks, voluntary insurance of deposits by deposit holders.

Lower taxes on medicines and medical equipment.

Benefits of carbon credits and water credits for people who saves power and fuels and water and avoid wastages.

Compulsory  and  concessional agricultural insurance by small and marginal farmers.

Focus on the three sectors which are main for our 5 trillion dollar economy. 1.Education , 2.Defence 3.Healthcare and 4.Farming and Agriculture.

More spending on science and technology is requested.

Civil Services should also be rationalized. A civil servant like IAS officer should not be considered fit for all jobs.

Use of waste lands, surplus lands remaining idle with Government organizations like Railways, PSU, for allowing use by public at rent or on sale basis for creating jobs.

Promotion of games and  sports to become competitive internationally.

Free money through various schemes (central/state/UT) is to be limited to a specific percentage of GST collection.
 Stop political appointments in all fields and particularly in  Banking , education,  public administration, police and defense etc.

 Civil Servants to be limited for Government/Governance domain but not to post them in various PSUs/Business entities

Bring in the taxation net all the business along roads and highways outside city limits.
Also register all the workers in these business.
Weed out illegal immigrant workers outside city limits.

Tax on agricultural income.

Real efforts to make people  Atmnirbhar ( self-reliant).  Free things and subsidies are making people lazy and more dependent.

More employments, minimum wages and social security in unorganized sectors.

Many have made suggestions for increasing tax on tobacco products and liquor products with a view to reduce health hazards. Author feels that this area must be taken in right earnest and with a zeal to STOP TOBACCO AND LIQUOR CONSUMPTION.

Many have suggested to increase spending and deductions for education and medical benefits. An elder brother who is meeting education cost for younger brother has requested for deduction for such expenses on education , just like if the same were incurred by father or mother they would get a deduction. Then there is no reason for not allowing deduction for education of sibling.

Increasing tax exemptions and deductions and tax rates is also rightly hoped because there has not been any meaningful benefit in last many years.

To avoid anomaly caused by lower tax on companies and higher tax on individuals, firms and LLP has also been raised as suggestion. This is fully justified. Now the situation is that a person can save tax by forming a company and transferring his personal income in company instead of in personal hands.

Suggestions for some simplification of tax deductions, and exemption and ease of doing business have been placed.

Unemployment, employability, and generation of employment have also been expressed as serious concerns.

Part II  of suggestions

IN this part  more suggestions are reproduced below with highlights added by author.

HAXXXXXXHE 2 weeks 1 day ago

For welfare of above 60 years age GETTING NO PENSION FROM ANYWHERE.

1. Give tax free monthly pension rupee fifty thousand against deposit of rupee thirty lac. Keep increasing pension with prices at same rate as salary of government employees. AFTER DEATH OF BOTH SPOUSES THIS DEPOSIT IS NOT RETURNED AND GOES TO SENIORS WELFARE FUND.

2. THOSE GETTING NO MEDICAL BENEFITS be given same treatment as central government pensioners.

3. THOSE HAVING NO HOUSE IN THEIR NAME be given one room flat @ rupee 5000 per month. with free maintenance. To be vacated within 15 days of death of both spouses.

DELHI RAGHAVENDRA RAO 2 weeks 1 day ago

as I am working in a cold storage unit since 1999. But, regret that, we are not enrolled for P.F. contribution, as in this unit we are a total of six member staff are working (falls below 20 staff ) which are not under compulsory to contribute.
But, after retirement, how we can survive? .For which I request you to take necessary steps to save our lives after retirement by making compulsory contribution to P.F. by the employee and employer even there is a single staff. Hope you may able to understand my feelings.
This a humble request to our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Sri. Narendra Modi ji Sir and as well as to you Madam Finance Minister of India Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman ji.

SURESH WARIOR 2 weeks 1 day ago

1. For senior citizens interest rate of 8.50% must be protected for an amount of ₹ 42 Lakhs. This will ensure a decent std of living. 2. Railway concessions must be reintroduced for senior citizens immediately3. Restructure the income tax slabs so as to levy 5% tax upto 10
Lakhs, 10% upto 15 Lakhs, 20% upto 20 Lakhs, 25% upto 25 Lakhs
and 30% above 25 Lakhs. 3. The higher burden on account of above can be compensated by reviewing the fixed cost being compensated as subsidy to Post 92 gas based fertilizer companies. As per my understanding they are getting way higher fixed cost compensation as compared pre92 units. Whereas it should be reverse.

Rahul 2 weeks 1 day ago

Dear Finance Minister Madam, Request amendment to Entry no. 216 on Notification no. 50/2017-Customs, 30.06.2017 to read ‘Artificial Kidney apparatus including Dialysis Machines, Dialyser’ from just ‘Artificial Kidney’, as at present. According to report 90% of End Stage Renal Disease ( ESRD) patients in India die because of their inability to access Dialysis at affordable rates. Govt has started the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Program to make dialysis more affordable and reachable to all. Haemodialysis Machines act as artificial kidneys for ESRD patients and is the backbone of the PMNDP Program. Custom’s exemption notification grants exemption from Customs duty and reduced GST for ‘Artificial Kidneys’. However, due to lack of understanding of the term ‘Artificial Kidney’ different Customs ports may or may not grant. Request is to clearly define the term ‘Artificial Kidney’ for assured custom duty exemption and reduce GST. #Budget 2022, #GST #Dialysis #CBIC #Custom Duty #Healthcare

Rahul 2 weeks 1 day ago

Dear Finance Minister Madam, Request amendment to Entry no. 216 on Notification no. 50/2017-Customs, 30.06.2017 to read ‘Artificial Kidney apparatus including Dialysis Machines, Dialyser’ from just ‘Artificial Kidney’, as at present. According to report 90% of End Stage Renal Disease ( ESRD) patients in India die because of their inability to access Dialysis at affordable rates. Govt has started the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Program to make dialysis more affordable and reachable to all. Haemodialysis Machines act as artificial kidneys for ESRD patients and is the backbone of the PMNDP Program. Custom’s exemption notification grants exemption from Customs duty and reduced GST for ‘Artificial Kidneys’. However, due to lack of understanding of the term ‘Artificial Kidney’ different Customs ports may or may not grant. Request is to clearly define the term ‘Artificial Kidney’ for assured custom duty exemption and reduce GST. #Budget 2022, #GST #Dialysis #CBIC #Custom Duty #Healthcare

Devashish 2 weeks 1 day ago

Water Credits - Water Conservation Drive by giving Economic Incentive [On the lines of Carbon Credits]
Ministry/Department: Ministry of Jal Shakti

The Idea:
Just like Carbon Credits, we can develop a program where every household is allocated a number of water gallons usage. Anything the household saves in terms of Water usage can be used to get various govt. incentives or even further access to cheaper water.

Water credits have been in discussion for some time and in some water-stressed regions like California, Dr. Newsha Ajami has suggested how water credits can be used to incentivize water conservation and pollution reduction.

With the Har Ghar Jal scheme, the water credits will become an even more powerful scheme for water conservation. The “Cap and Trade” model is best suited, as elaborated in the PDF.

VishwanathKotekar 2 weeks 1 day ago

Agri insurance
Incase of Small farmers (land holding of 1 to 2 hectares) and Marginal farmers (less than 1 Hectare), agri exp generally will be met by bank loan n their stake. Due to climate change, during the last one decade rain is erratic n not spread over a specified period. At times it is too scanty or too severe resulting in crop loss n plant loss n will lead to hardship. No doubt some of the agri activities including contract farming are covered by agri insurance, but I believe it does not cover entire
Sir, I suggest agri insurance may be made compulsory like vehicle insurance to cover agri crop n term loans so that farmers will be protected against change in climate and diseases. Agri insurance should cover bank loans n the expenses by the farmer OR total expenses by the farmer based on the market value of produce.
I also suggest insurance premium for small n marginal farmers may be waived n for other category of farmers by themselves.

ATULSHAH 2 weeks 1 day ago

Suggestions for Budget 1) Capital Gain on Shares / MFs (Equity) : If the shares are sold after 3 years and proceeds are reinvested within specified period in shares, no long term capital gains should be taxed. 2) If Mutual fund is switched from regular scheme to direct scheme, no capital gain tax should be charged 3) TCS (206(1H) and TDS (194Q) should be removed as it is very impractical, instead the person should furnish details of customers / suppliers for purchase / sale more than 50 Lacs in ITR. If revenue is at concern. instead of 4 Advance tax 6 advance tax can be demanded. 4) While paying TDS / TCS we have to pay multiple times for section wise challans. Please accept one total payment in one challan, it's bifurcation is provided in quarterly return. If this is not possible please have one challan with multiple choice of sections in drop down menu. Thanks in advance

Abhishek Voices 2 weeks 1 day ago

Narendra Damodardas Modi Sir,
If you Really want to do some thing for Unemployed Youth then I have an Idea.
Indian Railway have too many Waste Land, ie- Near Railway Colony, Outside of Office Building, Outside of Railway stations.
If you want to do some thing for youth then Build Small Shop and give it to youth for 10 years or 20 years Lease. Not all youth are Genius but youth are 100% hardworking.
If you provide place they have to earn some money for living. These places are empty and no use for any one. Make a plan and assure No fraud happen to this scheme.
Link with aadhar.
Make assure that bebeficiary have minimum 10th pass.
And his age is crossed to got government job.
ie- Last age to got government job is 27. But after that age youth has no path to think or survive. So, please think about my idea.
I am thinking this before but no any government want to hear people's Idea.
So please think about this Idea.
Thank you.


Respected Sir/Madam,
My name is dhaval patel. My suggestion is to please do something better in the fitment factor. We are working in the India Post department of communications. As per our daily routine office work. The work is increasing day by day but the salary is not as compare to work. So its my humble request to you to look into this manner to increase the salary somehow. And this is from our side. And may be or sure this is the same situation and problem for other department of gov. Employees.
So, we are waiting for this new budget. Hoping for the positive side. Do your best to make us smile.
Thanking you with humble heart. 💞
By the way, this type of platform is possible in Modi governance.
Stay Safe and Stay Strong MODIJI

One of your Gujarati Fan...

Vasudeva Rao Dasari 2 weeks 1 day ago

Please extend Ayushman Bharat Scheme to all in our country especially Senior Citizens without any income group discrimination.
Private health insurance companies collecting huge money from old age people but cheating the patients by rejecting claims in the disguise of PRE EXISTING DECEASES
If Ayushman Bharat Trust collect some premium from the same age old people government can assure gaurantee health service to them and also get more reserve money to public exchequer to improve more and more health services across the Nation.

JayaprakashC 2 weeks 1 day ago

Dear Nirmala Seetharamanji
I am a NRI. Would like to suggest to bring 100% insurance of Bank deposits at a premium with a voluntary option to opt to insure with a premium or not by deposit holders

UnbreakableIndian 2 weeks 1 day ago

Honourable Minister my request is for you to go beyond policy formation to encourage development of strategic sectors like manufacturing, defense,cyber crime prevention, innovative startups. There are a lot of citizens with the knowledge and willingness to work for the priority sectors but lack support in terms of incubation, finance and govt guidance. Currently lack of funds and over policing is one of the major factors Indian manufacturing sector not picking up. Your govt has done a fabulus job in terms of policy making but to reap the fruites of the policies you need to go beyond and try to step in the shoes of the entreprenuers, startups with great ideas, products , plans to help remove the bottlenecks. Funding is the number 1 constraint for new businesses in India. Private equity investment is limited and govt funding is non existent even for strategic or priority sectors. This is a high level generic idea but you can get funds available for Indian businesses in priority areas.

Santosh Sivan G M 2 weeks 1 day ago

Respected finance minister,
1. Abolish personal income tax
2. Air pollution in our country is becoming a major threat to all citizens. I hope government will find a permanent solution before that for installation of smog towers money should be allocated in budget.
3. Education loan for students should be waived
4. Smart fencing along the borders of neighbouring countries should be done.

Thajudeen Kattoor 2 weeks 1 day ago

1) Export & Import - facilitate license  2) Implement Swiz bank model in India .Black money is not a theft money.3)No restriction for deposit & withdrawal of cash in bank for 2years         If restriction happens fund flow will decrease.4)Issues of bank loans should not  be based on cibil scores  for the next 5 yea₹ 5)Permission to buy and sell land  anywhere in India .6) Encourage sending & remittance of money to india from abroad.7) Easy visa proceedures for educated youth for European countries (without ielts).8) Make Good relationship with european countries.9) Purchase of land registration fees should be reduced .10) Promotes foreign direct investment .11) For Income tax payers loan can be issued 20 times doubled what they paid as tax

Riddhiman Saha 2 weeks 1 day ago

Hello Govt. Of India,

At first I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our ideas in union budget making. My ideas are very simple, being a class 10 student.

India’s dominance is in every field today except in Sports especially Olympics. So, I want Govt. of India to increase the budget for sports department & use that budget for building various sports universities & colleges. Because We have to compete China & USA.

sarma pln 2 weeks 1 day ago

Respected FM Maam, Vanakkam and Nal Vazhthukkal
Kindly consider the following proposal for inclusion in the forth coming Union Budget :
AS ON DATE, the PPF subscribers are allowed to withdraw money from their accounts ONCE IN A YEAR , SUBJECT TO CERTAIN RULES .
My humble request and proposal is to consider whether - - - THIS NUMBER CAN BE INCREASED TO FOUR (4) TIMES A YEAR AT LEAST IN THE CASE OF :
Existing withdrawal rules may have to be amended accordingly.
FIRSTLY, this will result in subscribers not withdrawing bigger quantum of money out of a sense of perceived contingency/panic, though there is no need of money.
SECONDLY, this enhanced number of withdrawal facility will give a 'sense of financial security' to senior citizens in their times of need, who have no avenues of income other than their own personal savings.

vishal das 2 weeks 1 day ago

Dear PM Sir , In FY2022 Budget , Please focus on the three sectors which are main for our 5 trillion dollar economy.1.Education , 2.Defence 3.Healthcare and 4.Farming and Agriculture. In Education Sector , please involve the Private Players and also develop our own Education model based on Vedic Education System which has made Bharat , the Golden Bird for ages . Please spend and involve more on Education this time.
2.Defence Industry in India has to be supported in order to get a Geopolitical Leverage on our Defence needs. Current Geopolitical scenario can be favourable for an Indian Military Industrial Complex . It can generate millions of jobs aswell.
3.Healthcare is a right of every citizen and this time Govt Hospitals should also be run according to PPP model in order to provide World Class Healthcare facilities at an affordable prices.
4.Farming Industry faces continuous challenge from Agricultural Cartels which has to be tackled
Please spend on AgriTech ideas this time.🙏

VAS KSS 2 weeks 1 day ago

  • Free money through various schemes (central/state/UT) is to be limited to a specific percentage of GST collection
    2) Stop political appointments in Banking sector
    3) Civil Servants to be limited for Government/Governance domain but not to post them in various PSUs/Business entities
    4) Start again the old pension scheme for all Government employees, so that discipline/accountability improves (due to the fear of non-settlement of pension if they crossed the lines)
    5)Restructure police system for better services
    6)Charge Electronic Waste Processing fee from every Electronic product sold and utilize it to create efficient collection of discarded/life expired electronic items for safe process as well recycle/re-use of extracted parts/items for better circular economy.
    7) Up to ₹ 5 lakh deposit in bank, there is protection. To have protection for the deposit amount more than ₹ 5 lakh, there should be some reasonable solution for the benefit of depositor.

SAGAR GAHOI 2 weeks 2 days ago

#Education Industry
1. Reduce tax imposed on educational services from 18% to 5% and exempted the Entrance and recruitment exam from tax slabs.

2. Kindly look into the edtech industry which is looting public by promising any thing and showing whatever attract the public (Even which advertisement is not real case of wolf gupta in whitehatjr. Company). Make some law of taking benefits specially from edtech industry (Take example from China who restricted these edtech company to make a huge profits. )

3. Kindly look into the self financed courses started by the Government Institution, either they are beneficial for students and society or the institution just started to collect fee and for development of their own department/ infrastructure/ facilities used by the faculty. Kindly check the return on investment by students.

(Business Economist),BHU

kunal kishore 2 weeks 2 days ago

Budget is a calculation of income and expenditure.
1 Atmnirbhar tax should be imposed for promote local goods and services.
2 Atmnirbhar village concept should be promoted for development of rural areas.
3 Trade village should be developed for encrease business activity in village.and develop business mindset in rural areas.
4 Election tax should be imposed for separate fund to conduct election free and fair.
5 Plastic tax should be imposed on manufacture and those who use plastic.
6 Environment tax should be imposed for maintain ecosystem of nature.and promote plantation in rural areas.
7 Bank should be developed as a business centre of country .which only focus on trade and related activity.
8 Tax payer should be honored by government at distit level .special facility should be given to tax payer.

Viswanadharao Batchu 2 weeks 2 days ago

Respected Ma'am, Since the days of the Indus Valley civilization, India has had a rich history of being a force in the handloom sector. After agriculture, the handloom sector is the 2nd largest income generating activity in the country. After agriculture, the handloom sector is the 2nd largest income generating activity in the country. Handloom industry is 2nd biggest income generating activity in India. As per minimum wage rule the weavers should able to earn ₹ 6275 per month. But more than 65 % weavers are not able to earn not more than₹5000 per month. Also there are other problems in the handloom industry. To encourage the handloom industry, I request you to consider a seperate budget allocation to the handloom industry.
"The handloom weaving is in a dying condition. Everyone admits that whatever maybe the future of the mill industry, the handlooms ought not to be allowed to perish."
- Mahatma Gandhiji
I request you to consider this proposal.
Viswanadharao Batchu

KamaleshAga 2 weeks 2 days ago

A sincere request to hon finance minister.
respected madam,
please help lacs of flat buyers who had not received their refund of service tax and m vat paid while booking a flat but had to cancel it for various reasons.this being after thr gst regime. the final authority adjudicating such cases have ruled they have authority only in refund pertaining to export matters .
the builders who have collected and paid to the govt on behalf of flat buyers are claiming vide
various adjudicating autho. judgement that govt is rejecting the refund claim. the govt reject claim of builders for refund , (on behalf of flat buyers) and also the same authority expresses lack of jurisdiction or authority on direct refund to flat buyers.
this against the natural justice as
first, the advance paid in anticipation of service but not having received the service,
is if not returned is unjust. pl issue a GR guide line to direct refund of such amount to buyer either through builder or direct.

PIYUSH SHRIVASTAVA 2 weeks 2 days ago

कृपया संलग्न प्रपत्रों का अवलोकन करें।
आशा हे कि शासन को महामारी/महामारी के दुष्प्रभावों को स्थाई रूप से समाप्त तथा समस्त चुनावी वादों को आगामी चुनाव से पूर्व समयावधि में पूर्ण करने हेतु बजट में उचित राशि का प्रावधान कर राशि को बिना किसी भ्रष्टाचार के निवेश करने बाबत उचित सलाह प्राप्त हो गई है।

ARASWATHIR 2 weeks 2 days ago

Honorable prime minister sir, ATTCHED MY SUGGESTION

sudheer 2 weeks 2 days ago

govt should reduce budget on defense and make agreement international with china and Pakistan for next 5 years no war

govt should reduce subsidies as old saying which is free which has no value or use

food subsidy and fertilizer subsidy is 50% black marketed which needs to be controlled starting from hoarding of food grains to kerosene free country to re selling of rice in open market for less price which is than polished and selled at 40-50 rs kg in open market

fertilizer subsidy is mostly enjoyed by over produced or exporting products and not for Indian use or mostly used by rich farmers

we pay more prices for pulses, vegetables and oils bcuz farmers are not growing them and just growing grains which use more fertilizers and water

we need more subsidy diversion to organic farming and direct transfer of food subsidy or good fine quality of rice as pds subsidy

sudheer 2 weeks 2 days ago

agricultural income should be taxed and free power to farmers should be stopped above certain value as most of them is used by rich and upper middle class and affluent people

agricultural income above 5 lakhs should be taxable from these budget year
famers electricity bill above 2000 rs should be not exempted from free electricity
free or subsidized seeds or agricultural machinery to be given only to 5 acres or below farmers only
farmers should be encouraged by giving msp+bonus for edible oil crops like palm oil, sunflower, soyaben etc and also pulses like tur urad and moong.
support for exotic fruits and vegetables imported to be produced in india by subsidies and support etc commercially in large scale.
organic farming support to be linked with business tie-ups with farmers for easy and cost effective availability in market

solar power to farms to reduce electricity bills to above 3 acres farming must.

common store for all from seeds to selling to be available rent

AnantMishra 2 weeks 2 days ago

Respected FM,
1. GST should be imposed on fuels as the prices of fuels are very high .
2. The New Education Policy should be implemented from session 2022 -23
3. Increase tax rate on tobacco , alcohol etc.
4 . Decrease tax rate on Small Business, eatable items, gas cylinders etc.
5. Generation of employement .
Thanking you .

ravin Kulkarni 2 weeks 2 days ago

Respected Mantri Ji,

Kindly bring in the taxation net all the business along roads and highways outside city limits.
Also register all the workers in these business.
Weed out illegal immigrant workers outside city limits.


ANURAG SINGH_198 2 weeks 2 days ago

honorable prime minister sir,
sir please reduce LPG cylinder price, and reduce all type taxes for daily uses products

ubhshchand Gupta 2 weeks 2 days ago

Sir please find herewith enclosed a pdf file regarding Ayushyaman Bharat initiative .Thanks

ATUL DONDE 2 weeks 2 days ago

I am CA Atul Donde, practicing CA and have made some suggestions in 2019 which you had accepted and inserted section 80JJAA in the budget, I am sending my suggestions as per the attached sheet

YourName 2 weeks 2 days ago

Respected sir, Every citizen has a right to live respectfully. After retirement age irrespective of their occupation govt. Should deposit individual maintenance money to their accounts. At least tax payers should get a considerable money as maintenance money after retirement age. In India even though a person had very good earnings in their old age his children takeover everything and leaves nothing some times only food what his wife gives to his parents. Like US and Australia every senior citizen should be deposited money to their account with considerable money so that they will have respectful life till their end. Pension after 65 till death to each senior citizen of ₹ 45000 each with no tax. Only such senior citizen who worked for Indian or in India for at least 10 years before their retirement.

Arvind 2 weeks 2 days ago

Honourable FM, please reduce multiple taxation of general public and taxpayers like high way cess on petrol,road tax ,municipality tax,income tax

Provide tax free shops to income tax payers ,free health services to tax payers
Thanks for and Continue e shram benefits

SUBRAHMANYA K 2 weeks 2 days ago

Please Reduce the administrative expensess.
Reduce the BPL LPG Gas (Home Used)
Reduce the Petrol Disel Tax
Pls Continue the" Samsad Adarsha Grama "
Pls Start the" PM Adarsha District"
Pramot/Support the Reginal Lanquages.
According to my view unemployment is the biggest problem so the budget should attract educated unemployed to get job in their country.More employment opportunities should be created.Secondly education should be skill based these students should be taught skills not memorizing history.Thirdlh big industrial houses should invest money in their country for the development not in foreign countries

HImmat Singh 2 weeks 2 days ago

Namahaste.. Please consider rewarding tax payer by providing government cash back points or credit point. Example:- if some one has paid 10000 as income tax, he or she should get 100 credit point and these can be utilize to by items from government stores or to pay toll tax, metro, state buses or telephone bills. Later we can add things on list to offer. We should issue recognition card for tax payers.

sudheer 2 weeks 2 days ago

govt budget should include more provision for disasters as more predictions say so in 2022

1. more temp in india upto 50 Deg.c
2. locust will destroy crops so govt should stock more
3. earth quakes and tsunamis
4. drinking water issues will be there

so govt should make people aware of precautions to take for the above events like conserving water storing agriculture produce too keep stock of provisions in the event of disaster.

apart from that ongoing covid or omicron people need to follow all precautions and maintain strict guidelines with or without lockdown.

Finally govt should also increase budget for more imports and price stabilization fund to keep inflation check as disasters lead to increase of imports or increase of prices of all commodities.

increase wealth tax or inheritance tax or tax super rich more on next year budget to compensate for these loses and more funds to protect ourselves from these disasters

increase tax on liquor, smoke & real estate

Bharunmeena 2 weeks 2 days ago

1. Open "Narendra Modi AI University" in northeast.
2.try to change all religious place into tourist place(its not what i mean) allow night markets in big cities or every capitals..
4.announce more job vacancies (personally by PM modi). Specially in railways and ssc sectors.
5.educate the elders through foreign movies.
6.announce some vande Bharat train and privatise only some stations and tell people that railway is not privatised . reduce platform ticket price mask for all.

Ashutosh kumar 2 weeks 2 days ago

Tax I pay per month ₹ 6000.

Direct Benefits is ₹ 0.

Can u do something, I am just 40 years if this goes till retirement a
for 20 years I need to pay more ₹ 14.4 Lacs.

Atleast give me health & retirement security after 20 years.

Vinay sagar_2 2 weeks 2 days ago

Dear FM,
Please consider reducing tax slabs,as we are paying heavy taxes due to this slab rates.Due to this reason many of talented folks leaving the nation and unfortunately abroad countries (Especially USA) getting benefitted out of it.It is sincere request to reconsider tax slabs to retain our talented in our country and work for the development of proud nation. Many of the CEOs around world are indians and they live in abroad country. One of the reason to leave country is Heavy tax rates , So I urge to reconsider tax slabs

Achu Sasidharan Pillai 2 weeks 2 days ago

Please find below some suggestions which would make better tomorrow for the people of India.
1) Give appreciation to taxpayers in the form of fuel subsidies on a monthly basis.
2) Provide free and quality education to every citizen of India, rules to control expensive school fees.
3) The new education policy should be implemented without further delay. The central govt should take responsibility for implementation.
4) Aadhar should be connected to every all documents to rule out fake documents like election id, licenses, educational certificates, etc
5) Introduce one system for health which can be also connected to Aadhar. A free consultation should be given to general checkups.
6) All commercial plastic bottles should be priced(1-5Rs) separately and the bottle collection points should be placed in supermarkets where bottles can be deposited and paid
7) Usage of plastic should be controlled by encouraging paper bags and reusable plastics.
Kindly consider the above

Vignesh Chelannur 2 weeks 2 days ago

I just want to put an idea on creating business starting hubs for the youths.
For the professional students like me, to turn in to business area, exposure is much needes thing.
So business startup hubs must be developed in several areas that will help to provide all the advices even helps to get loans from the bank for the business plans.

PRAVIN JUDE 2 weeks 2 days ago

Please make tax exemption align with inflation.

1) 80 cc limit is not increased since long time, Please increase it to 3 lacs and make 5% increase every year.
2) Home prices are increasing year on year but LOHP limit is still 2 lacs, Please increase it to at least 2.5 lacs .
3) Food price are increased over period last 10 year but food coupon is limit to ₹ 50 per meal, please adjust this exemption to food inflation.
4) Car maintenance and fuel exemption need to be increased as it has been not increased since long time.
5) Most of the private company has very low basic so NPS deduction very low under 80CCD (2), so please increase limit of 80CCD
to 1 lacs .
6) Corporation tax has been decreased to 22.5 % to attract more MNC to invest in India. Similarly highest tax bracket for individual tax payer need to reduce to 22.5% to more talent in India and to prevent brain drain . People will happily chose to work from India due low personal income tax .

Mahesh_77 2 weeks 2 days ago

Tax on Short Term Equity Trading Profit i.e. STCG. 15% STCG plus Govt Duties 7% =22%, excluding brokerage. It's very high in nature.
It's discouraged retail investors in India.
Recently report is there many trading account has been opened with NSDL and CDSL but its really works? Looking at % of holding by FII and declining ROI on small savings, People of India forced to find out new source of income. But higher taxation and risk leads discouragement.

Abid 2 weeks 2 days ago

Respected worthy Finance minister,
I have listed some important points.these points should be included in every years financial budget.Which is sign of all developed nations across Europe and USA.
1.Strengthing of Health sector.
2.There should be bill of Child labour with good Work force.
3.Few years ago IMPDS scheme was launched in our country which provides Great benefits to migrant labours.This scheme should be listed in every financial year with work force.This can provide 100 percent transparency in Food security of poor people.
4.We should pass bill for womens security to safeguard their rights.
5.we should work for Govt schools,because teachers in Govt schools are not worth to teach students.
6.We should promote our national Languages/Regional Languages in every research/innovations.National language/Regional langauge is sign of development of any country.

Vinay Teja Reddy 2 weeks 2 days ago

Encouraging Open Source Based Software and Operating Systems in Big Companies, Startups and Giving Incentives to the Startups and Companies working with Open Source Software/Operating Systems

For Example, A Gaming Company that Uses a Linux Operating System instead of Microsoft Windows to Develop Games should be given Incentives and Encourage and Give Incentives to Companies that Develop Softwares for Operating Systems like Linux, This further decreases the Power of Outside Companies and Gives strength to Free and Open Source Softwares that are Productive, Free and Useful for the growth of Industry and also gives everyone a Competetive Edge.

Preeti Monga 2 weeks 2 days ago

The union budget for the next year is expected to address critical issues of demand generation , job creation and putting the economy on a sustained 8 per cent plus growth path.
Currently , more than 100 exemptions and deductions of different nature are provided in the Income-Tax Act .
Owing to the pandemic situation , the Ministry has received suggestions from various quarters for holding pre-budget consultations in a different format . "It has accordingly been decided to create a dedicated email to receive suggestions from various Institutions/Experts .
Thanks amd regards to Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji .....

RethinaveluS 2 weeks 2 days ago


Smt.Nirmala Sitharaman,
Hon’ble Union Minister of Finance,
Government of India.

We have attached suggestions for the sustained development of trade & industry and food sector in particular. We appeal to you, Madam, to give due consideration to our suggestions and incorporate these into the Union Budget 2022 – 2023 .
With regards,
Agrofood Chamber.

Rahul Shastri 2 weeks 2 days ago

Dear Modi Govt in order to increase Employments and Quality in 2022

3. Cancel Minimum Percentage Barriers to apply for PhD for everyone. In the present era of internet and YouTube it is a bullshit to have a minimum percentage barier to apply for PhD. If minimum percentage barier is eliminated for everyone most of the Indian Housewives and unemployed youth out of 140 crore people will move towards PhD and Research. Thus During 5 year Govt will face less bloodshed, less mob linching, less strife, less crime, less rapes. PhD takes almost 5 years to be obtained and a govt's regime also belongs to 5 year. Means Pogressive peace both side. Government vs Public 140 crore.

jyoti 2 weeks 2 days ago

According to my view unemployment is the biggest problem so the budget should attract educated unemployed to get job in their country.More employment opportunities should be created.Secondly education should be skill based these students should be taught skills not memorizing history.Thirdlh big industrial houses should invest money in their country for the development not in foreign countries. They should be rewarded by govt for distribution of resources among fellow being.


By: DEV KUMAR KOTHARI - January 25, 2022



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