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Problems in new portal forcing tax payers to seek adjournment.

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Problems in new portal forcing tax payers to seek adjournment.
August 7, 2021
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Problems in new portal forcing tax payers to seek adjournment.

Problems in new IT portal

The website is slow and takes long time in responses to any click and it is taking at least four times more time in many processes.

The website is not easy to use in any manner- presentation of various links are very poor and it is difficult to find proper link to carry out any work and even to review my account.

Website should be such that one can work easily and get path to work step by step.

 The problematic nature is evident from the fact that large number of voluminous user guidelines, FAQ and training materials have been uploaded.

Many of facilities for current matters and old matters are not functioning.  

DSC registration is not taking place. E-verification by other methods is difficult, if not impossible within limited time.

Without e-verification documents cannot be uploaded. In old portal there was facility to upload document without e-verification. That should be restored.

It is not easy to have an overview of all aspects related to an assessee in my account.

Work list for your action and information pages says :

Work-items pending as on 31st May 2021 will be available shortly. Therefore old issues are not visible, cannot be reviewed for further working required.

Increased OTP requirements have been placed un-necessarily for example for authentication of document there is no need or importance of OTP. When anyone with any mobile number can check authenticity of a document, then there is no need of OTP. Because only a person who knows PAN , AY, date and type of document can go for authentication.  

Forced to seek adjournment:

Recently notices have been issued by faceless authorities and due to problems in website assessee are forced to seek adjournment.

Problems in portal are not expected to be sorted out in a short period so longer adjournments should be allowed. However, as per system one can seek adjournment of maximum 15 days from the date of seeking adjournment.

Short notices - fully knowing problems in website and also restricted working by all due to COVID19 related problems, authorities are acting in unreasonable manner by fixing time and date of compliance/ response within few days from date of notice.

Lot of documents are being asked including assessment orders and records in assessment.

Earlier submissions are being ignored. If earlier submission is seen, authority can easily pass order even without further opportunity and in case of need only case should be fixed.

In view of various problems a draft petition is appended below. Depending on facts of case it can be modified and some not applicable items can be deleted and any new items, as may be applicable can be added.



Very short time has been  allowed for preparing old matter particularly in difficult times of COVID.

Kindly refer to documents already in record in my account including assessment record ,  appeals filed and earlier response for this proceeding and similar proceedings.

Difficulty in filing of documents

We are facing difficulties because DSC registration is required and that facility is not working. Even in other modes of e verifications we are facing lot of difficulties.

New website is working very slow and all  steps right from selection of particular link, working, are very time consuming, in comparison to old website which was very user friendly in comparison to new portal.

Please allow to file documents without e verification because documents uploaded after logging into my account with password is safe. Earlier this was allowed but in new portal this facility is not available.

We are unable to attach file in absence of registered DSC Why old registered DSC is not enabled  in this new portal is not understandable.

Though due to limitations in portal in drop link and mandatory instructions,  we have applied for adjournment of 15 days, yet we request you to please re-fix the case only after new IT portal starts smooth working, and allow adequate time otherwise again we will have to seek adjournment causing loss of valuable  time of taxpayers and tax authorities.


By: DEV KUMAR KOTHARI - August 7, 2021



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