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What is the VAT/ service tax rate ?, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 113628
Dated: 17-4-2018
By:- Arijit Das
What is the VAT/ service tax rate ?

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In June we paid a facilities & upkeep fee with the hostel rent. That facilities fee had vat or service tax ? What was the amount, because we don't have the receipt. Our college is now charging 18% GST on the 15000 facilities charge i.e 2700. What should be the actual payable after deducting the VAT/service tax we have already paid.

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1 Dated: 17-4-2018
By:- Ganeshan Kalyani

Sir, three instances are to considered to arrive at the rate. Service provided , invoice raised and money paid. If two of the instances are before GST then erstwhile tax rate will be applicable and if two of the instances are after GST then GST is applicable.

2 Dated: 17-4-2018
By:- Ganeshan Kalyani

If invoice was raised and payment was made before GST then old tax will apply.

3 Dated: 17-4-2018
By:- Arijit Das

Payment was before gst, other 2 after GST.

How much balance will be paid deducting vat/service tax from 18%gst ?

4 Dated: 17-4-2018
By:- Arijit Das

actually we ave confusion with invoice. When we paid in june, a receipt number was given which consisted mess fee,hostel rent, hostel facility fee.

In case of mess fee the mess generated invoice very month so i gues they can apply gst.

In case of facility fee we will be asking today whether they issued invoices every month

5 Dated: 17-4-2018

Dear Querist,

You are changing version in the query. First be clear minded, then post a query. You must be aware that this forum is perused by a large number of visitors located in India and abroad. This is international forum.

Hope you have got my point.Anyhow everybody learns and we are also still learning.


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