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Reversal of ITC on free samples exported, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 117281
Dated: 15-6-2021
By:- Hariharan Sundaram
Reversal of ITC on free samples exported

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Dear experts,

Whether ITC has to be reversed on export of free sample if required how to quantify it ?

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1 Dated: 15-6-2021

Please check the Section 17(5) (h) of the CGST Act in this connection. Further EDF/GR Wavier needs to be applied by you from your A.D./Banker.

(h) goods lost, stolen, destroyed, written off or disposed of by way of gift or free samples;

Quantification of Reversal of ITC - On actual and proportionately basis

2 Dated: 15-6-2021

Also refer following para of RBI Master Direction in connection with EDF.

C.1 Grant of EDF waiver 14AD Category – I banks may consider requests for grant of EDF waiver from exporters as under: Status holders shall be entitled to export freely exportable items (excluding Gems and Jewellery, Articles of Gold and precious metals) on free of cost basis for export promotion subject to an annual limit as below:

a) Annual limit of 2% of average annual export realization during preceding three licensing years for all exporters (excluding the exporters of following sectors-(1) Gems and Jewellery Sector, (2) Articles of Gold and precious metals sector).

b) Annual limit of Rupees One Crore or 2% of average annual export realization during preceding three licensing years, whichever is lower. (for exporters of the following sectors- (1) Gems and Jewellery Sector, (2) Articles of Gold and precious metals sector).

c) In case of supplies of pharmaceutical products, vaccines and lifesaving drugs to health programmes of international agencies such as UN, WHO-PAHO and Government health programmes, the annual limit shall be upto 8% of the average annual export realization during preceding three licensing years. Such free of cost supplies shall not be entitled to Duty Drawback or any other export incentive under any export promotion scheme. Exports of goods not involving any foreign exchange transaction directly or indirectly requires the waiver of EDF procedure from the Reserve Bank

3 Dated: 15-6-2021

I strongly support the views of M/s.Yagay and Sun, Sir. W.e.f. 23.3.20, realisation of foreign exchange is required in case of export of goods.

4 Dated: 16-6-2021
By:- Hariharan Sundaram

Thank you very much for both the experts

5 Dated: 18-6-2021
By:- Shilpi Jain

What is the purpose of the sample? Is it for testing or a pre-requisite for fulfilling a customer order or any other reason. Based on the purpose the requirement for reversal can be decided.

In case of testing it would be eligible and so would be a case of fulfilling a contract term. Pls provide additional facts.

6 Dated: 21-6-2021
By:- Hariharan Sundaram

Thank you Madam , the sample is exported to the overseas buyer as "Trade sample" in order to get future export orders and the same is exported free of cost , no foreign exchange received and exported as per the norms of DGFT.

7 Dated: 22-6-2021

Dear Hariharan Ji,

According to Circular No. 92/11/2019-GST, supply of goods as free samples (without any consideration) will not qualify as supply and ITC should be reversed under section 17 (5) (h) of the CGST Act. The same hold good for export of goods. On exception they have carved out is with respect to Schedule I and querist case doesn’t fall under such situation.

8 Dated: 22-6-2021
By:- niranjan gupta

In my opinion, samples given for trade purposes is for business promotion. There can not be sale unless I show sample to my buyer. In my opinion, it is a sales promotion expenses and ITC is allowed.

When you go to sweet shop, you taste the sweet and then buy. It means to the extend sweet is tasted, I need to reverse ITC. It looks ridiculous proposition, if it is so.

9 Dated: 22-6-2021

Cant agree more with the sweet shop example. To that extent ITC should be allowed. Misuses are inevitable, like employees of sweet shop taking sweet as free sample (avoiding GST) for those situation Government may regulate.

10 Dated: 22-6-2021

Yes, Sir. With due regards to experts, I opine that there is a gulf between two situations. The example of sweet shop is not relevant here.

11 Dated: 23-7-2021

In my view, ITC reversal is not required on FOC with respect to exports so long as goods are exported out of India. But FOC export will not qualify for export incentive since no BRC exist here.


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