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Accounting treatment of stampduty in mergers, Accounting - Auditing

Issue Id: - 118014
Dated: 27-6-2022
Accounting treatment of stampduty in mergers

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Company A is merged with Company B in 2017. The Maharashtra Stamp duty authorities have determined the Stamp duty (SD) of Rs. 1 cr on 16-3-21. Company B has gone in appeal in April 21 against this SD and matter is subjudice. Question is CAN Company B book this Rs. 1 cr as revenue expense in its P & L a/c for the FY 20-21 or 21-22 or its can be capitalised and if yes then against what Fixed assets and what about depreciation and rate of depr. Or no accounting treatment has to be passed and merely a note on Contingent liability (of Rs. 1 cr demand of SD) be passed in the audited accounts ?

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