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Revocation & ITC Claim, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 118246
Dated: 25-11-2022
Revocation & ITC Claim

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Sir.One of the Registered Dealer was Sumoto Cancelled for Non Filing of GST Returns on 25.07.2022 , now the dealer has paid the taxes up to June 2022 and while approaching Dept they replied Revocation not possible and approach High Court. My query 1. Should approaching High court is the only way ? 2. The Dealer has filed till june 2022 all pending Returns can the Recipient avail ITC for the same when GST is showing as cancelled in portal!

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1 Dated: 25-11-2022

Dear sir,

As per my view you need to file form GST REG-21. Since your registration has been cancelled due to the reason you have not filed your required GST Returns. Now you have filed all the pending returns and paid the taxes, the revocation of cancellation of registration need to file. After filing the form, plz approach your jurisdiction GST Range office for approval of revocation. They will verify the details online and will issue GST REG-22 on satisfied the submission. If the amount of taxes you have paid are no longer payable, then only the refund will be applicable.

2 Dated: 25-11-2022

sir.1. 90 days has lapsed.the officer has replied High Court is the only remedy ! is it so. ( Date of cancelation 27.07.2022) 2.Can the Recipient who has availed services from the above dealer avail ITC when the Portal is showing "GST canceled"

3 Dated: 26-11-2022
By:- Ravikumar muthusamy

you can go for appeal online in gst portal


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