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GST Accumulated after IGST Refund, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 118268
Dated: 6-12-2022
GST Accumulated after IGST Refund

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A RMG manufacturer claiming IGST on every export shipment (@ 5%), his raw material attracts GST @ 12%. however the unit claiming IGST on export from 4 years. due to higher rate of GST on inputs, they are unable to set off all ITC on account of IGST on export, as the output rate of GST is lower (5%).

Resulting they having much ITC available in their ECL.

Please suggest how it can be refunded.

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1 Dated: 6-12-2022
By:- Rajagopalan Ranganathan


In my opinion, you cannot claim a refund of unutilized input credit since you are exporting the goods on payment of IGST. Refund of input tax paid on goods used in the manufacture of export goods only when the goods are exported under the letter of undertaking without payment of IGST.

2 Dated: 6-12-2022
By:- Amit Agrawal

I agree with Shri Rajagopalan Ranganathan Ji!

Furthermore, refund - on account of duty-inverted structure as allowed under clause (ii) of first proviso to Section 54 (3) of the CGST Act, 2017 - will also be NOT available in given circumstances due to specific restrictions by way of third proviso to Section 54 (3) which reads as follows:

"Provided also that no refund of input tax credit shall be allowed, if the supplier of goods or services or both avails of drawback in respect of central tax or claims refund of the integrated tax paid on such supplies."

So, in my view, refund of unutilized ITC for past 4 years cannot be claimed now in given circumstances.

These are ex facie views of mine and the same should not be construed as professional advice / suggestion.

3 Dated: 7-12-2022

No hope at all. Only one of the conditions is fulfilled. I agree with both experts.

4 Dated: 11-12-2022
By:- Shilpi Jain

Atleast ensure that the future exports are made without payment of tax and refund of ITC is claimed. This will ensure future accumulation does not happen at the same rate.

Past credits you may have to see if can be used for any other domestic supply liability.


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