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diffrence between cross charge and isd, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 118342
Dated: 26-1-2023
By:- Rajendrasinh Dodia
diffrence between cross charge and isd

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What is difference between cross charge and ISD?

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1 Dated: 26-1-2023

What is your specific problem ?

2 Dated: 27-1-2023
By:- Shilpi Jain

There is no term like 'cross charge' in the law. It is loosely used by all.

Cross charge is a scenario where there is existence of supply between the different GSTINs of the same PAN.

ISD is an office which receives invoice for services supplied at other locations also. So ideally there is no supply of service from the ISD persay.

3 Dated: 24-3-2023
By:- Padmanathan Kollengode

Pls read the Agenda Item 6(iv) of 35th GST Council Meeting along with draft circular annexed as Annexure A of said agenda note. Cross-charge & ISD has been deliberated in detail.


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