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Stipend Income-Taxability - Income Tax

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Dated: 15-7-2011
Stipend Income-Taxability

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Stipend received by a doctor from a hospital of Rs 60000/- per month. The hospital has not deducted any TDS on the stipend paid of Rs 7,20,000/- for FY 2010-11. Whether the stipend taxable, under which head. And if Exempted then under which section.

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#2 Dated: 16-7-2011

It would be taxable. The head would be in accordance with the terms of engagement.

#3 Dated: 16-7-2011
By:- malhar shenoy

Stipend received by a doctor will be taxable as Salary or as Professionals.and TDS needs to be deducted.

However if the stipend is given for pursuing the further  studies , as paid for residend doctors doing post graduation , MD, MS etc one can treat it as scholorship grants for meeting cost of educations.Section 10(16).

case can be relied on Sudhirkumar Vs ITO, where in stipend to CA student was held exempt.

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