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No. 91/2018 - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Cus (NT)

Notification giving Chief Commissioners powers to assign the cases for adjudication of show cause notices within their respective jurisdiction


No. 43/2015-2020 - Dated: 5-11-2018 - FTP

Amendment in Para 4.32(i) of Chapter 4 and in Para 6.01 (a) of Chapter 6 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20

Goods and Services Tax

No. 61/2018 - Dated: 5-11-2018 - CGST

TDS under GST - public sector undertaking - supply from one PSU to another PSU exempted from applicability of provisions relating to TDS

GST - States

No. S.O. 269 - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Bihar SGST

Amendments in the Commercial Taxes Department notification No. S.O. 238, dated the 13th September, 2018.

No. 61/2018-State Tax - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Himachal Pradesh SGST

Amendments in the Notification of the Government of Himachal Pradesh No. 50/2018-State Tax, dated the 17th September, 2018

No. 61/2018-State Tax - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Maharashtra SGST

Amendment to Notification No. 50/2018-State Tax to exempt supply from PSU to PSU from applicability of provisions relating to TDS.

No. 34815-FIN-CT1-TAX-0043/2017-S.R.O. No. 436/2018 - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Orissa SGST

Amendment in the Notification No. 29890-FIN-CT1-TAX-0043/2017, dated the 18th September,2018 - S.R.O. No. 391/2018.

No. F.12(46)FD/Tax/2017-Pt-III-128 - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Rajasthan SGST

Notification regarding exemption from TDS on supplies from one PSU to another PSU.

No. F.1-11(91)-TAX/GST/2018(Part) - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Tripura SGST

Seeks to exempt post audit authorities under MoD from TDS compliance.

Income Tax

No. 78/2018 - Dated: 5-11-2018 - IT

CBDT specifies the jurisdictions

Indian Laws

No. F. No. 13/20/2014-NS - G.S.R. 1091(E) - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Indian Law

Senior Citizensí Welfare Fund (Amendment) Rules, 2018

GST - States

No. LLR-D(6)-15/2018-LEGN. - Dated: 3-11-2018 - Himachal Pradesh SGST


No. F.1-11(91)-TAX/GST/2018(Part-II) - Dated: 3-11-2018 - Tripura SGST

The Tripura State Goods and Services Tax (Thirteenth Amendment) Rules, 2018.

No. 1571-F.T. - Dated: 2-11-2018 - West Bengal SGST

Corrigendum to Notification No. 1035-F.T. dated 27.07.2018

No. 1570-F.T.-60/2018-State Tax - Dated: 2-11-2018 - West Bengal SGST

The West Bengal Goods and Services Tax (Thirteenth Amendment) Rules, 2018.

Indian Laws

No. A-12023(1)/15/2016-Admn.-III (LA) - Dated: 2-11-2018 - Indian Law

Central Government appoint Mr. Pradip Kumar Premshankar Bhatt, Former Judge, High Court of Gujarat, as President, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, with effect from the forenoon of 24th October, 2018

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

No. F. No. 30/63/2018-Insolvency - G.S.R.1083 (E) - Dated: 2-11-2018 - IBC

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Salary, Allowances and other Terms and Conditions of Services of Chairperson and Members) Second Amendment Rules, 2018


No. 77/2018 - Dated: 1-11-2018 - Cus

Seeks to further postpone the implementation of increased customs duty on specified imports originating in USA from 2nd November, 2018 to 17th December, 2018

No. 90/2018 - Dated: 1-11-2018 - Cus (NT)

Exchange Rates Notification No.90/2018-Custom(NT) dated 1.11.2018

GST - States

No. 38/1/2017-Fin(R&C)(79) - Dated: 1-11-2018 - Goa SGST

notifies the registration under the said Act has been cancelled by the proper officer furnish FORM GSTR-10 of the 31st December, 2018.



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