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Service Tax Circulars, Instructions, Public Notices, Trade Notices etc.


F.No.106/Commr(ST)/2009 - 8-7-2011

Applicability of Service Tax on the Development fee (DF) charged at airports - reg.

141/10/2011-TRU, - 13-5-2011

Applicability of the provisions of the Export of Services Rules, 2005 in certain situations.

943/04/2011-CX - 29-4-2011

Regarding clarification on issues relating to CENVAT Credit Rules 2004

D.O.F. NO. 334/3/2011-TRU, - 25-4-2011

Budgetary changes - new services and amendments to the existing services - levy of service tax explained

F.No.341/34/2010-TRU - 31-3-2011

Amendments in Point of Taxation Rules, 2011 and other related provisions

D.O.F.No.334/3/2011-TRU - 28-2-2011

Legislative changed made / proposed through Budget 2011

334/03/2010-TRU - 1-7-2010

Issuance of notifications after enactment of the Finance Act, 2010

D.O.F. No.334/1/2010-TRU - 26-2-2010

Changes proposed in service tax law and procedure in Union Budget 2010-11 - regarding

Coord/13-6/H/A/cs/Vol.VII/67 dated 16-9-2009 - 29-10-2009

Accounting code for 3 new taxable services - New Head of Account to be opened below Major Head 0044-Service Tax

48/2009 - 29-10-2009

Accounting Code for New Taxable Services

16/ST/2009 - 30-9-2009

Allotment of new services effective by the virtue of Financial Budget 2009-2010

Exp. Notes - 6-7-2009


D.O. F. No.334/13/2009-TRU - 6-7-2009

Budget changes in Service Tax-DO of JS(TRU)

Dy. No.62/Comm (ST)/2009 - 20-3-2009

Practice being adopted by leading Hotel chains to utilize Cenvat Credit beyond permissible limits - reg.

111/05/2009 - 24-2-2009

Applicability of the provisions of the Export of Services Rules, 2005 in certain situations

FAQ - 5-2-2009

FAQ on Service Tax

Trade Facility No. 7/2008 - 21-10-2008

Exemption from Service tax on taxable services used in export of goods Conditions and procedures

F No 345/6/2008-TRU - 11-6-2008

Service Tax on pre-closure under banking and other financial Services - regarding

Report No 7 of 2008 - 1-5-2008

Comptroller and Auditor General of India's Report on Indirect Taxes Service tax for 2006-2007 (Extracts)

Release - 14-3-2008

The Delhi Commissionerate widens scope of coverage of Audit


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