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Dated: 1-2-2021

Budget 2021-22 + FINANCE Bill, 2021


S. No.


Clause of the Finance Bill, 2021


In Section 2, a new clause 7(B) is being introduced defining a “common portal” (Common Customs Electronic Portal )

[ 80 ]


Sub-section (3) to section 5 of Customs Act is being amended to empower Commissioner (Appeals) to carry out functions specified under Chapter XV, Section 108 and the new sub-section (1D) of Section 110 of Customs Act

[ 81 ]


Section 25 of the Customs Act is being amended to prescribe that all conditional exemptions, unless otherwise specified or varied or rescinded, given under Customs Act shall come to an end on 31st March falling immediately two years after the date of such grant or variation. …..All existing conditional exemptions in force as on the date on which the Finance Bill 2021 receives the assent of the President unless having a prescribed end date, shall come to an end on 31st March, 2023 (if not specifically extended/ rescinded earlier) on review.

[ 82 ]


A new section 28BB is being introduced prescribing a two-year time- limit, further extendable by one year by the Commissioner, for completion of any proceedings under this act which would culminate in issuance of a notice under section 28 of the Customs Act, 1962.

[ 83 ]


Sub section (3) of section 46 is being amended so as to-

a) mandate filing of bill of entry before the end of the day preceding the day (including holidays) of arrival of goods.

b) A new proviso is being introduced therein, to enable the Board to notify the time period for presenting bill of entry in certain cases as it may deem fit.

[ 84 ]


Section 110 of the Customs Act is being amended so as to revise the procedure for pre-trial disposal of seized gold, in any form as notified. Commissioner (Appeals) having jurisdiction, to certify the correctness of inventory of the seized goods and carry out other procedures as prescribed, before the disposal of the gold in a manner as may be determined by the Central Government. Other consequential amendments to give effect to this provision are also being carried out.

[ 85 ]


Sub-section (ja) is being added to section 113 to provide for the confiscation of any goods entered for exportation under claim of remission or refund of any duty or tax or levy, so as to make a wrongful claim in contravention of the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 or any other law for the time being in force.

[ 86 ]


A new section 114AC is being inserted in Customs Act to prescribe penalty in specific case where any person has obtained any invoice by fraud, collusion, willful misstatement or suppression of facts to utilize Input Tax Credit on the basis of such invoice for discharging any duty or tax on goods that are entered for exportation under claim of refund of any duty or tax.

[ 87 ]


Explanation to section 139 of Customs Act is being amended so as to include inventories, photographs and lists certified by the Commissioner (Appeals) under the new sub-section (1D) to the documents within the meaning of that section to give evidentiary value to such documents.

[ 88 ]


Section 149 is being amended so as to-

a) introduce a second proviso which would allow amendments to be done through the customs automated system on the basis of risk evaluation through appropriate selection criteria.

b) introduce a third proviso so that certain amendments, as may be specified by the Board, may be done by the importer or exporter on the common portal.

[ 89 ]


Section 153 is being amended so as to insert a new clause “(ca)‟ under sub section (1) thereof so as to enable service of order, summons, notice, etc. by making it available on the common portal.

[ 90 ]


Chapter XVII is being amended so as to insert a new section 154C for notification of a common portal for facilitating registration, filing of bills of entry, shipping bills, any other document or form prescribed under this act or under any other law for the time being in force or the rules and regulations made thereunder, payment of duty and for carrying out such other functions and for such purposes as may be specified.

[ 91 ]



Full Text:

Budget 2021-22 + FINANCE Bill, 2021


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