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Inter Unit Transfer - Central Excise

#1 Issue Id: - 105607
Dated: 27-4-2013
Inter Unit Transfer

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Dear Experts,

We have two unit registered under different range and division in central excise. Can we export sale of our both unit in one Containor under Factory stuffing.

Secondly we want  same procedure in Domestic Sale. Please advice.


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#2 Dated: 27-4-2013
By:- Pradeep Khatri

Yes, you can do it provided you should have factory stuffing permission. The required documents would be prepared separately and Container number will be mentioned on such documents.


#3 Dated: 27-4-2013
By:- Muthuraj MUTHURAJ

As replied by Mr.Pradeep Khatri, You need to get permission from the respective range officers for Exports as per Rule 18 / 19 of e CE Rules. The Exports can be with the documents like Export Invoice, Packing List, ARE-1 (Self sealing), in the case of department sealing - Annexure C-1 is to be enclosed in addition to the above.

In the ARE-1 Forms, you have to clearly mention the Vehicle details and Container No.(if any) for both the units.

In respect of the domestic sale, you are very well do it.

#4 Dated: 27-4-2013

Which range Inspector will be the responsible to seal the containor and counter signing  in ARE-1 and Export Invoice.


#5 Dated: 28-4-2013
By:- Pradeep Khatri

Both the Superintendent will sign the docs but the container will be sealed by the superintendent of the unit where the containers are stuffed at last.

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