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GST Refund on account of Advance Refund Voucher, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 117506
Dated: 22-9-2021
By:- Ashiesh Prremji
GST Refund on account of Advance Refund Voucher

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Dear Experts,

I had paid GST on advance in Nov 19 which were partially paid by credit note issued in that month. Later, Invoice against that advance not issued & we finally refunded amount in April 20 through Refund Voucher.

Suppose, B2B GST = 100/-, GST on Advance = 300, GST on CN = 250. We paid GST in 3B = 150. Now, as per circular No. 137_7_2020 if i file RFD-01 for ₹ 300/- under category 'Excess payment of tax', it's showing error that Refund claimed can not be greater than what GST paid in 3B i.e ₹ 150.

First, please suggest how to resolve this query ? Second, is there an option to file RFD-01 under category 'Any Other (Specify)' ?

Thank You,

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1 Dated: 23-9-2021
By:- Ashiesh Prremji

seeking solution of this query.....I think this error will come while filing refund of unadjusted gst on credit note also. As in 3B of that month net payment will be zero. If anyone has filed Refund of Unadjusted GST of Credit note, please guide me.


2 Dated: 23-9-2021
By:- Ashiesh Prremji

In continuity of above query, Whether to file RFD-01 under category 'Excess payment of Tax' we need to file application for two months i.e One for Nov 19 for ₹ 150/- & Second of ₹ 150/-(Credit Note) for that month (Here it's Sep 19) in which gst paid for B2B Invoices against which credit note issued in Nov. 19.

Please clarify....

3 Dated: 24-9-2021
By:- Shilpi Jain

You could consider filing refund under any other category,. however also be aware of the the time limit for claiming this refund

4 Dated: 24-9-2021
By:- Ashiesh Prremji

Thanks for Reply Ma'am!

If i opt for 'any category', should i change the category which i have written in Application (Cover Letter) & Declarations that As per Circular 137 we are filing RFD-01 in category Excess payment of Tax or keep it remain unchanged?

5 Dated: 24-9-2021
By:- Shilpi Jain

In your covering letter also you can mention the reason why you opted for other category. so change the category in the covering letter as well.

6 Dated: 26-9-2021

Sh. Ashiesh Prremji Ji,

Received your personal message. Your message deleted abruptly due to mistake. I prepared your reply but it could not be posted because meanwhile Madam Shilpa Jain posted reply. My reply is the same. So no need of repetition.

7 Dated: 29-9-2021
By:- Ashiesh Prremji

Thanks a lot to both of you to clear my doubts.


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