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Form-GST-RFD-03, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 118750
Dated: 14-9-2023
By:- Raja Krishnan

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Dear Sir,

Is the Form-GST-RFD-03 will enough for go to file appeal instead of From-GST-RFD-08?

Please reply your opinion.

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1 Dated: 14-9-2023

NO - No need to go for appeal on this stage.

Form-GST-RFD-03 is notice Asking for Additional Information/Clarification/Documents relating to your Refund Application.

After issuance of RFD-03, the applicant can rectify the deficiencies only by way of filing the fresh application; there is no other way out. Issuance of Notice for rejection of Refund claim RFD-08: After appropriate processing, if a part or whole of the refund is inadmissible the GST Officer will issue RFD-08.

2 Dated: 14-9-2023

Refund Rejection or Sanction Order is issued in Form-GST-RFD-06. If refund is rejected, appeal is to be filed against Form-GST-RFD-06 and NOT against Form-GST-RFD-03 or 08.

3 Dated: 14-9-2023
By:- Raja Krishnan

Dear Sirs,

Thanks for your information and the department agreed to the same.

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