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TDS on Salary - Income Tax

Issue Id: - 3970
Dated: -28-03-2012
By:- Pradeep Kaushik
TDS on Salary

Respected Sir,

This is regarding the calculation of taxable Salary. One employee joined our company in May 2011@ Rs. 60000/- per month. He resigned on 1 March 2012. during his tenure he got short salary due to deduction of Leave, In Sept 2011 Rs. 56000/- and in November 2011 Rs. 54000/-. So we Consider his taxable Salary for TDS purpose like 60000.00X10 or (60000X8+56000+54000). What Amount we have show in our Company's TDS Return.

Please Clarify.

Best Regards.

Pradeep kaushik

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Dated: - 28-03-2012

Not the nominal salary but actual salary as per second formula.

Dated: - 30-03-2012
By: - meenakshi sundaram

Yes ..only the actual salary paid has to be taken into account....

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