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service tax on doctors - Service Tax

Issue Id: - 4153
Dated: 15-5-2012
service tax on doctors

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whether IPD and opd of individual doctor liable to service tax under negative list further whether Dentist is cover under service tax under negative list?

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Dated: 16-5-2012
By:- Pradeep Khatri

There is no service tax on IPD and OPD services provided by the individual doctors.

Dated: 16-5-2012
By:- Naveed S

For further clarification, you can also refer to Issue Id: - 4001 Dated: -07-04-2012 - regarding chargeability of service tax.

Dated: 18-5-2012

Dear Sir,

One of my relative (mr.akhil singh tomar HUF a/c) receiving the commercial rent as per following manner:

Year                                                    Total Retal Income

2010-11  -----------------------------     Rs. 7,50,000=00   (NO S.TAX LIBILITY IMPOSED under exemption 8 LAC)

2011-12 -----------------------------       Rs. 13,57,500=00   ( Service Tax @10.3% Due of   Rs. 557000/- after exeption Deduction)                                                                                                                                                          

2012-2013 ------------------------    Rs. 24,00,000=00  (Service Tax @12.36% Due from April2012)

We request you  kindly direct us  on the following issues

* Can  we avail the exemption of Rs.8/-lac for the year 2011-12  or  What value should be considered for the valuation of  Service Tax  for the year 2011-12 ?

*How much Service Tax should be paid for the year 2012-13, when we are receiving the rent   Rs. 200000/- Per month (In same A/C Akhil Singh Tomar HUF A/C)?

*Are we required to deduct the value of Rs. 800000/- from the total rental value for depositing the service tax?

We would we very obliged for your response in this regard.


Kalpana Singh      

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