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VAT works contract tax and servicetax WCT - Service Tax

Issue Id: - 4362
Dated: 13-7-2012
VAT works contract tax and servicetax WCT



in our factory one of the contractor is constructing the canteen building Building. Factory located in Andhra paradesh. Contract includes it will get effected by APVAT wct+Service tax wct.

in what way the bill should be.

suppose bill amount is                                      100

APVAT wct 5% on 70% of the bill                         3.5

Service tax WCT 12.36% on 30%                       3.70

is it correct.



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Dated: 13-7-2012
By:- Pradeep Khatri

The Contractor is Charging APVAT @ 5% on the 70% correctly but Service Tax will be charged @ 4.8% on the total contract value.

Please get the bill corrected from the Contractor.

Dated: 11-5-2013
By:- narendra soni


what % of vat/wct on what % of bil value wiil be chargeable, if the above canteen run in Maharashtra.Service tax will be same as 12.36% on 40% bill value

Dated: 12-5-2013
By:- R K Rajwanshi

Accordingly to union Budget 2012 if  Notification No. 15/2012 related to reverse charge mechanism is applicable then 50% service tax to be charge by the contractor and 50% service tax to be deposit  by your good self,  go to the Notification No. 15/2012

Dated: 13-5-2013
By:- narendra soni
my query was for Vat ,not for service tax, please suggest for vat only.

Dated: 13-5-2013
By:- sanjeev bajaj

Here, I would like to know, when the cost of material and labour is ascertainable, then on what amount the VAT and Service Tax will be chargeable.

Dated: 14-5-2013
By:- R K Rajwanshi

if question is only for  VAT then Ok,  service tax and  TDS under WCT  will also applicable on above transaction.

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