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Open Letter to Hon. Fin. Minister

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Open Letter to Hon. Fin. Minister
Ruteeka Kava By: Ruteeka Kava
January 21, 2023
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Dear Madam,

On behalf of many service class employed individuals I am writing this plea to you, for you to understand our sufferings.

As a service class I cannot evade ,TAX (not that I mean to) hence I pay almost 25% of my salary as TAX falling under 30% bracket.

Now of the remaining 70% If I BUY a car 50% of the car amount is part of TAX which govt is charging, plus I pay road tax.

Then I go to restaurant I pay 5% of my spending.

then I go to BUY grocery I Pay GST approx 8% avg.

Then I go enjoy any travel I pay 18% tax.

Then you expect me to save more to save TAX from my salary.

Then I decide to BUY a house to that I save on TAX, in my city due to this the houses are so much in demand ppl hold unnecessary house and hence high rates of property, Then also you charge me property tax here , you take stamp duty and registration which is as huge as my annual salary.

So why all the burden on service class? Any reason I am being charged two way tax?

I refuse to pay so much of tax as I after paying almost half my salary I am not getting nothing in return, I don't get medical facility for me or my dependents. I get roads where I can die riding a scooter. I get roads on which beggars are using a house and sleeping. I get no food confessions anywhere, I get no free electricity, no infrastructure, no free transport, no free shelter, no pension.

I suggest take small amount from my salary for the contribution I would like to make for defense and infrastructure which I am support and I feel I am getting safety in my country.

Other than that I refuse to pay anything to you, reason being I am not getting anything in return, I will not pay price from my hard earned money which is not worth it.

It should be one way tax either direct or indirect.


Yours frustrated service class.


By: Ruteeka Kava - January 21, 2023


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As a legitimate tax paying employee, I fully endorse her feelings. Hope to get justice atleast in the forthcoming budget.


Another frustrated & legitimate tax payer.

Dated: 23/01/2023


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